Pyramid Banksia

This new development of bright and stylish contemporary apartment is situated in Yelahanka, off International Airport Road and is ideal for a comfortable stay in these modern apartments that provide excellent standards of accommodation. whilst staying at BANKSIA Apartments you will experience first hand the charm and character of the area. The apartments are within easy reach to city centre with its vibrant culture.

Pyramid Mahika

Bored of metropolitan life? Feel like staying close to nature? Pyramid Mahika presents one of the most exotic apartments in a fastest growing locality in Bangalore. Pyramid Mahika is for people who appreciate pleasant natural landscape, Mahika is unified with a mesmerizing lake view which rejuvenates your senses and blooms your daily life. Pyramid Mahika is developed with an idea of providing natural living space with all the facilities that are required for a contemporary lifestyle. Each flat is designed with separate walls which enhance your private living.


Contact Information
No. 25, 3rd Cross, KHB Colony, International Airport Road,
Gandhi Nagar, Yelahanka, Bangalore - 560 064.

Phone:+91 9342585018, 7022016100/101/102/103
Tel:+91 80 40943331/32.